Saturday, January 17, 2015

Republican Tug-of-War with Americans Safety

Republicans and President Obama are playing tug-of-war again.  As the Republicans threatens the safety of Americans with a warning of shutting down Homeland Security. What were you thinking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner?

What an asinine idea to shut down Homeland Security and making it easy for: ISIS, Drug Lords with their gangs, diseases, terrorists, all of Mexico and any country who wants to come into the United States. And, this was to prove a point with the president. No wonder our country is in jeopardy with you people making the decisions.

This is what is wrong with our country now unintelligent people in positions of power making idiotic decisions; so they can crow like a country rooster telling one and all how great they are.

Are Americans thinking---you need voting out? Is the Republican Party seriously letting these people stay in charge? These two need a job in the backroom nowhere near a microphone where they can spout their ideas with lack of thought or common sense.

I believe someone needs angry management classes; huh Mr. Speaker of the House. We would like to know what person or group you are trying to impress with these actions.  A first grader knows you do not shut down Homeland Security.

I am sure my Great-Great Grandfather a Republican Florida Senator is turning over in his grave at the lack of common sense in his beloved party. 

How many times do I hear---we should get rid of the two parties and have just one party to eliminate the fighting between them.

I think it is time the strong ones in the party takes a stand against the ones who are making you look bad. My Great-Great Grandfather chose the Republican Party; because it stood for greatness back then.
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Saturday, February 8, 2014

John Kerry---A Man of Honor and Valor

United States Secretary of State

John Kerry is the 68th United States Secretary of State whom I strongly believe him adamantly truthful in all his dealings for our country; and the American people. He is not a man who misleads and is extremely honest in all he says and does. Sometimes, words taken out of context by others that wish to camouflage the truth about issues; while trying to discredit him; which will no longer work for these naysayers and their negativity.

John Kerry is fourth coming in dealing with world issues for the American people; and historians will document it in history books for the future generations of his esteem and credible resume. Here is a man who attended elite schools and then Yale; he did not need to serve in any fray or war with his background. However, in 1966 he volunteered to serve in the US Navy because he loved his country and I will say again an honorable man.

John served in the Vietnam War with many accolades from others for his bravery are well documented including he received the Silver Star, Bronze Star with Combat V; the V stands for Valor. This man of courage also received three Purple Hearts. He served in the bloody battles as a gun boat officer, he did not sit behind the lines giving orders---he was right there with our fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, nephews fighting.

When John returned home three years after he joined---he went into action and co-founded Vietnam Veterans of America, and then became a voice for Vietnam Veterans Against the War. And, he did not stop there---because of his experience during the Vietnam War; in 1971 he addressed members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee concerning the war.

It is inconceivable to me that John Kerry is not the President of our country, and I hope to see him in the White House before too long. Why are such men overlooked by the voters? Because of the negative propaganda used when he ran for this office before in 2004 and lost to George W. Bush. I hope Americans learned from believing everything written and stated by the oppositions in a presidential race.

Women's Courage

I can hear voices asking:---well how do we determine which one is the best candidate? I recommend by doing research on how one served their country and how one attends and votes in Congress in making laws and the appropriation of tax dollars. And, by doing your due diligence and investigate anyone--- before using your right to vote.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Bombing Syria is Absurd

                                                                US Congress

Americans greatest concern---our leaders will overstep their common sense---by starting another war. And, if President Obama desire to bomb Syria becomes executed; we will be in World War 3.
This is one time Congress needs to intervene and find another way to solve the issue without the United States sticking their righteous nose in the fray.

Home is where they need to focus on over 25 million unemployed Americans. When the government does the unemployed statistics they do not take in consideration the millions who have given up looking for jobs.
It is still a bad situation in America, but we are slowing getting more “Made in America” businesses and some American companies are returning to their homeland to hire our people back. It is a slow but determined start; and we can thank our own Americans for kicking off the beginning of a rebound for the unemployed Americans.

This one issues shows the strength and dedication Americans inherited from their strong and determined ancestors.  Our ancestors grit in making the long voyage to a wild and lawless country to put down roots for their descendants to reap the rewards. It was their bravery and tenacity that started their new freedoms which was passed to us.
Therefore, we are becoming aware the leaders we voted to lead us have their own agenda; and that is power and greed. This is one time I applaud the Russian President Putin for his common sense. Why presidents of the United States always want to get us into wars; is beyond common sense.
Our country has been in war 214 years and at peace 26 years since 1776; which means we think we are either the ‘World Police’ or greed and power has reared its ugly head.  This is the time Congress can shine in the eyes of Americans by stopping this non-sense of bombing Syria; and bring our men and women home from the useless war in Afghanistan and Iraq. I thought this was what President Obama was going to do---bring our people home. However, it seems it’s another smoke blowing contest that disappears when another issue arises.
Since my political crystal is cloudy today, I cannot see the future for us with the same asinine leaders playing mind games with our American Military. Congress spending our tax dollars like water, on war, on bankrupted big companies, who have taken American jobs overseas, IRS spending our tax dollars and not be held accountable, giving money to other countries (How irresponsible is that?) and the list goes on.
It might be a good idea to voted out the greedy-power seekers who make a career of being in Congress, and search for better replacements.
What is your opinion? I would love to hear from anyone who has the time to express their opinion.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

PAC Pledges to Stop Hillary in 2016

Some Republicans Senators had nothing better to do so they formed a little group and named it PAC---(Political Action Committee) “Stop Hillary in 2016” never mind our country is still circling the hole of discontent, sluggish employment opportunities---unemployment still high, American Companies still overseas,(Some American Companies gradually coming home), Wall Street bad news---with disgruntled Billionaires selling their stocks because they are not happy with how and where America is going.

Are the Republicans busy in their Senator jobs to bring America back to a stable and secure status---before they started outsourcing American jobs to China, and other countries?

The answer has to be---you guessed it---no. So are they going to sell Republican cookies like the Girl Scouts? No---we guessed wrong again--- because the leader of the group--- Colorado State Senator Ted Harvey has told the news media their purpose. Are you sitting down? They are for and backing anything that is the reverse of what Hillary Clinton is supporting, and we will play this however needed as to what Hillary is doing. Whatever state she campaigns in--- we will be there. Now have you guessed yet---who is running again in the Republican Party?

Well, I guess the line has been drawn in the Political Sandbox---and now it is playtime again. If this was not so sad---it would laughable. Such asinine waste of valuable time---and if they would just do their jobs that some of the American people who voted for these Senator---to do. Wouldn’t that be nice? What a change that would be.

The Republicans are still pouting because they lost the election. And understand---I am not writing for or against the Republicans or Democrats---it is whatever party is not doing their job for the American people. I am not proud of either party at the moment---because on both sides of the aisle are non-Americans working against the American people and you know who you are---the ones with the deepest pockets. And can you guess who is going to run again in the Republican Party? I bet you can.

Now I am sure Hillary Clinton is laughing her pantsuit off at the Shenanigans of this PAC group as well as all the women in power who are encouraging her to run in 2016.

Well playtime is not over--- and it make one wonder if Abraham Lincoln, and all the forefathers who settled the United States of America are not spinning in their graves at the unbelievable “Tomfooleries” being performed by Republicans today.

Everyone who has money after what Americans have endured for the last 13 years---I  would advise putting it in old mason jars or mayonnaise jars and bury it deep--- because our two parties and Wall Street are trying to bury us.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013



America has begun to experience Deglobalization which is great because the jobs are coming back to America and Americans. This is what we Americans have waited for since the jobs were taken away by Globalization by American companies.

For 13 years China and other countries has been the financial King of trade because the American Companies took their business to China and other countries to benefit from the cheap labor. While the United States was continuously in colossal deficit with lost jobs therefore unemployment soared to over 25 million.

China and other countries flourished from American Companies that once operated in the United States. Our economy in United States slowing sunk to the bottom--- no jobs, families lost their homes, lifestyles and many became homeless in America.

Finally---after over a decade China and other countries decided they did not want to work so cheaply anymore. So what happened after the rates of hourly wages went from pennies to dollars and even higher pay rates guaranteed by 2015?

And some American companies were being charge an enormous about for utilities---but we did not hear about this---until recently. And the fact many skilled workers had to be gathered from around China and other countries to work in the American factories---therefore this expense was added for transportation and/or room and board.

The Greedy American companies decided to come home to the county they almost collapsed by taking all the jobs overseas. Companies are relocating their businesses back to the United States some are already here and others are to follow. One of the first large companies coming home is General Electric and many others. Statistic shows that less than a 100 companies are reported back and/or on their way.

How many companies will return? At this point I do not have the end results on the information but
there will be updates to follow.

Yes, the United States needs these companies to come back home---and I still say shame on them for putting American through the worse economy we have faced in America. And shame on the members of Congress who benefitted because they owned companies that went overseas or had large blocks of shares in companies that went for the cheap labor.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Globaliation UpDated

Globalization from my research has not done much for the poor people in other countries. However, like in the USA has made the greedy even richer. So, what does that tell you---the wealthy started Globalization and it was the seed of the down fall of many countries. And it needs to be plowed under and start a fresh crop of "Made in America."
The roots of our ancestors are still embedded in America and in our hearts. Not the hearts of the greedy--- but by the sweat and toil of the good people of America---our grandparents and parents.
We still have the pride and the ability to do anything we want in America today. Just start with an idea and get people interested and soon you will have a company. It is a new beginning for many young minds and hearts out there today. The USA will rise again to make our nation prosper once more to shine under God from whom  our country was built.

The USA was hit hard by the very American companies that were made rich in America by the consumers. These companies cost Americans their jobs, homes, and destroyed the American Dream for so many.

Many home owners became homeless and jobless---because their jobs were taken over seas to China, India, and various other countries.
Even banks outsourced jobs to other countries---the American banks that we bailed out with our tax dollars---and this is how we are repaid.

Ever had a problem with your Internet provider? What country helped you solve it? I bet it was India because most of the IT companies went to India or China. Our college grads could not get a job for years in IT.

So, has it helped the poor in other countries---“NO.” So remember---when a government comes up with another idea--- it will always benefit the greedy wealthy. The poor people barely scratch out a living to feed their family. Their life is hard and sad---just as it always has been even in 2013.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

As of June 2012 Florida's Unemployment Rate is 8.6%

Florida's Unemployment rate is stated at 8.6% as of June 2012. Raise your hand if you believe this takes in consideration all the people who do not have full time jobs, who have fallen between the cracks because they received their last unemployment check months ago.
Or ones who did not file for unemployment but are still looking for work. Do you believe this takes into account all the ones who are working 2 and 3 part time jobs to just keep their heads above the water?
This like all government statements this has a lot to be desired. Take a survey of people who are walking the streets and ask them if they have full time jobs yet? Now, this is what I say," Show me the people who have found full time jobs in Florida with benefits." As a person who does a lot of research daily---this economy is slowly getting better. And slowly may not be good enough---as we were slapped into the Unemployment lines very fast in Florida. But this state of affairs started in 1980 or even earlier---when our American companies slowing so no one would notice right away---started shipping our job overseas so the greedy companies were get richer quicker with cheap labor. And so began the rape of America's society and our future.

Now the politicians are all promising to get people back to work, and blab--blab---blab. It is a never ending cycle---we are hurt by the very government who now wants to put a band-aid on the economy and unemployment.

Promises, Promises---If Promises were horses that showed good results--- we would all take a ride.

How many of these people running for office today that "Outsourced American Job?" You might be surprised. Do your research and then try and close you mouth.

However, I know there are good people in our government who are trying to make a difference---but are they the minority? I do hope not---but time will tell---.