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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Florida Unemployment Rate is 8.6% as of June 2012

Florida unemployment rate is 11.1% as of April 2011, and that is 2.6 percent higher that the National average. Where was Florida hit the hardest? Well, first it was the Construction Industry that lost more 350,000 jobs, slicing the industry over more than half. And the jobs that are coming back are very few, and not quickly enough. Florida is still going through a severe recession. Secondly, it is the Housing Foreclosure Crisis, has the state left with cheap houses, that no one wants to buy. And with so many unemployed--who has the money to buy even the cheap houses. Florida has 1.6 Million vacant homes--more than any other state. Florida's average price of a newly built home is $231,000.00, and that is 48% higher than the existing homes sold for $156,000.00. This pushes the newly built home to a record low.
Of course Florida is left out of the manufacturing rebound, because it does not manufacture automobiles, durable goods, electronics, business equipment to name a few. Florida is chasing its oily tail,---- from oil spill to higher gas prices. Now, tell me we are not paying for BP's oil spill. Of course the American people will pay, and as we do not have anyone in government who looks out for "We The People" it will continue. Many Floridians who are unemployed and Seniors, do not have the money to spend at restaurants and shops. So, the restaurants and shops need fewer people, so people in those retail and food service jobs are laid off. There are 12 states that are considering minimum wage increase, but Florida is not one of them. Our Gov. Rick Scott wants to eliminate 6,700 state workers jobs. He is trying to balance the budget. Florida Space Coast is a gloomy place to be now, as they are preparing to eliminate 9,000 jobs, putting a terrible burden on Florida and Brevard County. Many jobs are lost due to BP's oil spill--and these jobs are not coming back any time soon, or probably never. Florida has lost many job to Outsourcing jobs to other countries, such as China, India, and etc. Call Center jobs, Financial Jobs--yes, banks are outsourcing--how scary is that--,Customer Service, Service jobs, and many more. It is a big issue when our own government is the reason for most of the unemployment, because they sit on their hands and watch our jobs being outsourced by American Companies, and they do nothing. Thank you Congress! Updated 02/29/2012
  • Well the good news is:  New Florida Minimum Wage effective January 1st 2012: $7.67 per hour, and that is only good if you have a job.
  • is a link to the plans of our Governor Scott. He is really working smarter and harder than anyone in Congress for the families and businesses of Florida to get more companies to relocate here.
  • He plans to have 700,000 new jobs in the near future for the Florida residents.
  • The Department of Labor states that Florida is now at an Unemployment Rate of 9.9%.
I believe he is a fair and just man working for the better good of Florida and its people. I will update again in a few months.