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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Globalization and The Vanishing American Nation

Outsourcing American jobs by American Companies, began slowly, as a ripple in a brook. Everyone, was busily enjoying living their life with their families, working to support, to save, as they planned college for their children.

It took years and a tsunami of vast unemployment before the American workers realized their jobs were leaving the shores of the United States. To be given to China and India, two of the biggest countries to be given our American workers' --jobs, lives, liberties, and their pursuits of happiness, by the American Companies.

Greedy American Companies that only valued the millions they made in outsourcing. Without concern to the lives--- their greedy outsourced methods destroyed.

What now, America? Now, is when the reality sets in, and families, without their jobs, watched tearfully as their homes, cars, neighbors, neighborhoods, malls, banks, neighborhood stores, ma and pop businesses and small towns; vanished in America. Some families broke up over these current events because of the unbelievable stress, they were and now, living under. Only the strongest of the strong, make it through. But not without scars, heartaches, and a bitter taste in their mouths, called Outsourcing.

Where was our elected government? Weren't these people suppose to protect America, and Americans?Are they sitting in their air-conditioned offices, or passing more bills that are against the American workers? As more and more jobs are still being sent over seas. Maybe, we should think about
---- Outsourcing Congress----- it will be cheaper on the American Tax Payers.

Mostly, low paying jobs are left for thousand of unemployed to fight over. Now, helplessly, Americans watch as their Unemployment Benefits are deminishing. Why? Not because they are lazy and want to live off the inadequate benefits received. But because they are scared out of their minds, knowing that there is no future now in America for them; the American Workers.

This Nation is slowing sinking back into the 1950's, when the Baby Boomers were children. This might not be the same as the death of  Dinosaurs, and their tar pits, but it is just as sticky.

Life in the 1950's, is when everyone was about in the same boat---no motor--just oars. Neighbors help each other, children played outdoors until dinner time---no T.V. to watch--.

If your family was lucky enough to have one it was in black and white. All the children in the neighborhood came over on Saturday Nights and watched Gun Smoke.

And the most fun they had after dinner was catching Lightning Bugs, and putting them in jars to watch them glow. Of course, no computers, no cell phones--my parents phone number was a long and short ring.

One telephone operator, per small town, with no Walmart, no Sam's, and no Target, just a little Dime Store, that had very little in it. No, this is not a Nightmare, just America in the 50's.

No one needed to text back then, because the gossips in the neighborhoods, knew everyone's business, and who, what, when, and how it happened.

Even though these were good times for my parents--I do not want to relive them.

So, how is this terrible injustice rectifiedEmail, call or fax your State Representatives, get them out of their offices, let them know that "We The People" are tired of their ways, and they need to fix this big issue with the Greedy American Companies. Start bringing the jobs back home, and that means now, time is running out for our Nation.

My Ancestors, would be very disappointed if they could see us now. And yours would too.

Updated 02/29/2012

What is the status of Unemployed Americans? Still grim because 12.5 Million are still unemployed, and until our government forces the American Companies to return and hire Americans back, it will stay that way.

I believe the products made in other countries, will become the issue in the near future, as they will not meet the American Standards. And the other countries employees will become wiser and demand more money.

So, maybe without the help of our---"Sit on Their Hands Congress" the issue will start correcting its self.

© BEPH  2012

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