Monday, July 27, 2015

Political ~ Truths, Slander and Lies

Americans are once again trapped in a cyclone of politicians overtaking the media with unbelievable half-truths, smear campaigns, and fabrications. I cannot envision what college professors are teaching about American Politics in World Politics. Their heads are either spinning from college student questions and opinions or being adamant in their viewpoints.

We who are still employed work our eight (8) hours, commute through the reckless traffic goers and congestion to arrive home to the peaceful and expectant quieter family life. And, after dinner with the family chores completed we race to watch the news.

Yes, we have our favorite news media as we listen attentively to every word. And, since it is a political year we will see candidates we never heard of, hear half-truths with intent to deceive, and words taken out of context that makes the spotlighted candidate appear deceptive. Untruthful words to shock the voters into changing their opinions.

We see unfamiliar politicians from both parties, career political candidates (who runs for their own enjoyment; not Americans who did not and will not vote for them), and our favorites. We cometimes become upset at the way candidates manage their campaigns.  

Americans want to hear their manifesto and how they will make America a better place to live and raise a family. And, bring back: The America dream of employment, able to buy a home for your family, good education for the children and a great retirement.

Save Medicare and Social Security for the future Americans! Congress needs to get off their slothful backsides and be brave American and do something about what belongs to Americans. Since it does not affect them---the great procrastinators who are not created equal, but most waste time and money without concern of the Americans.

Candidates who are not puppets to lobbyist---a candidate who is his/her own person with no strings attached. And, yes I mean in our nation today; not a fantasy.

And, a president who will protect and make our borders secure. We need World security against terrorist with better protection from the FBI, CIA, DIA and NSA.  I thank the agencies that recently arrested ones who plotted against us within our American borders; some were traitors to our country and some were terrorist living here.

We need a president who will bring American jobs back for the millions of our unemployed, then cut the tax benefits to the companies who do not return. Revise a new tax table for all businesses to pay ten percent as well as the riches Americans.

Bring the working middle class back from the abyss of unemployment and overtaxed black hole. Send criminal companies who extort consumers during tragedies, and this includes airlines, local gas stations, and grocers.

Lower the college tuition fees for Americans and increase the grants for Trade
Schools. Trade School offers everything from Accounting to X-Ray/Radiologist

Give the youth of America reasons to be proud of the two parties. Do not repeat the past poor choices.

 The shameful politicians’ sins:

·        Envy~ A longing to possess, desires or wishes for something attained by another.

·        Greed~ A selfish and excessive desire for more: wealth, objects of value, the best house, car and never sharing.

·        Lust~ Many have walked this road (even presidents). I for one do not understand the women who stand by their cheating husbands. I would kick them to the curb while dialing my attorney.

·        Pride~ A person who is egotistic, conceited, vain and is self-admiring, self-loving and self-important.

·        Selfishness~ One who thinks only of one’s own advantages, pleasure or welfare. Others needs do not concern this person.

·        Sloth~ A person who is habitual reluctant to labor or take action, is lazy, not dependable. This person is a bad friend and a worst politician.

·        Wrath~ A person who shows forceful or malicious anger and a desire for revenge. Not a fiduciary candidate for the American people.

Americans who love family, home and our country have a huge liability to vote for the best candidate who will take our county forward into a more stable and secure nation. As of today July 27th 2016, 21 candidates are running; five Democrats and sixteen Republicans. Good Luck to us all.

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