Saturday, January 17, 2015

Republican Tug-of-War with Americans Safety

Republicans and President Obama are playing tug-of-war again.  As the Republicans threatens the safety of Americans with a warning of shutting down Homeland Security. What were you thinking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner?

What an asinine idea to shut down Homeland Security and making it easy for: ISIS, Drug Lords with their gangs, diseases, terrorists, all of Mexico and any country who wants to come into the United States. And, this was to prove a point with the president. No wonder our country is in jeopardy with you people making the decisions.

This is what is wrong with our country now unintelligent people in positions of power making idiotic decisions; so they can crow like a country rooster telling one and all how great they are.

Are Americans thinking---you need voting out? Is the Republican Party seriously letting these people stay in charge? These two need a job in the backroom nowhere near a microphone where they can spout their ideas with lack of thought or common sense.

I believe someone needs angry management classes; huh Mr. Speaker of the House. We would like to know what person or group you are trying to impress with these actions.  A first grader knows you do not shut down Homeland Security.

I am sure my Great-Great Grandfather a Republican Florida Senator is turning over in his grave at the lack of common sense in his beloved party. 

How many times do I hear---we should get rid of the two parties and have just one party to eliminate the fighting between them.

I think it is time the strong ones in the party takes a stand against the ones who are making you look bad. My Great-Great Grandfather chose the Republican Party; because it stood for greatness back then.
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