Saturday, February 8, 2014

John Kerry---A Man of Honor and Valor

United States Secretary of State

John Kerry is the 68th United States Secretary of State whom I strongly believe him adamantly truthful in all his dealings for our country; and the American people. He is not a man who misleads and is extremely honest in all he says and does. Sometimes, words taken out of context by others that wish to camouflage the truth about issues; while trying to discredit him; which will no longer work for these naysayers and their negativity.

John Kerry is fourth coming in dealing with world issues for the American people; and historians will document it in history books for the future generations of his esteem and credible resume. Here is a man who attended elite schools and then Yale; he did not need to serve in any fray or war with his background. However, in 1966 he volunteered to serve in the US Navy because he loved his country and I will say again an honorable man.

John served in the Vietnam War with many accolades from others for his bravery are well documented including he received the Silver Star, Bronze Star with Combat V; the V stands for Valor. This man of courage also received three Purple Hearts. He served in the bloody battles as a gun boat officer, he did not sit behind the lines giving orders---he was right there with our fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, nephews fighting.

When John returned home three years after he joined---he went into action and co-founded Vietnam Veterans of America, and then became a voice for Vietnam Veterans Against the War. And, he did not stop there---because of his experience during the Vietnam War; in 1971 he addressed members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee concerning the war.

It is inconceivable to me that John Kerry is not the President of our country, and I hope to see him in the White House before too long. Why are such men overlooked by the voters? Because of the negative propaganda used when he ran for this office before in 2004 and lost to George W. Bush. I hope Americans learned from believing everything written and stated by the oppositions in a presidential race.

Women's Courage

I can hear voices asking:---well how do we determine which one is the best candidate? I recommend by doing research on how one served their country and how one attends and votes in Congress in making laws and the appropriation of tax dollars. And, by doing your due diligence and investigate anyone--- before using your right to vote.

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