Monday, September 16, 2013

Bombing Syria is Absurd

                                                                US Congress

Americans greatest concern---our leaders will overstep their common sense---by starting another war. And, if President Obama desire to bomb Syria becomes executed; we will be in World War 3.
This is one time Congress needs to intervene and find another way to solve the issue without the United States sticking their righteous nose in the fray.

Home is where they need to focus on over 25 million unemployed Americans. When the government does the unemployed statistics they do not take in consideration the millions who have given up looking for jobs.
It is still a bad situation in America, but we are slowing getting more “Made in America” businesses and some American companies are returning to their homeland to hire our people back. It is a slow but determined start; and we can thank our own Americans for kicking off the beginning of a rebound for the unemployed Americans.

This one issues shows the strength and dedication Americans inherited from their strong and determined ancestors.  Our ancestors grit in making the long voyage to a wild and lawless country to put down roots for their descendants to reap the rewards. It was their bravery and tenacity that started their new freedoms which was passed to us.
Therefore, we are becoming aware the leaders we voted to lead us have their own agenda; and that is power and greed. This is one time I applaud the Russian President Putin for his common sense. Why presidents of the United States always want to get us into wars; is beyond common sense.
Our country has been in war 214 years and at peace 26 years since 1776; which means we think we are either the ‘World Police’ or greed and power has reared its ugly head.  This is the time Congress can shine in the eyes of Americans by stopping this non-sense of bombing Syria; and bring our men and women home from the useless war in Afghanistan and Iraq. I thought this was what President Obama was going to do---bring our people home. However, it seems it’s another smoke blowing contest that disappears when another issue arises.
Since my political crystal is cloudy today, I cannot see the future for us with the same asinine leaders playing mind games with our American Military. Congress spending our tax dollars like water, on war, on bankrupted big companies, who have taken American jobs overseas, IRS spending our tax dollars and not be held accountable, giving money to other countries (How irresponsible is that?) and the list goes on.
It might be a good idea to voted out the greedy-power seekers who make a career of being in Congress, and search for better replacements.
What is your opinion? I would love to hear from anyone who has the time to express their opinion.
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