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America has begun to experience Deglobalization which is great because the jobs are coming back to America and Americans. This is what we Americans have waited for since the jobs were taken away by Globalization by American companies.

For 13 years China and other countries has been the financial King of trade because the American Companies took their business to China and other countries to benefit from the cheap labor. While the United States was continuously in colossal deficit with lost jobs therefore unemployment soared to over 25 million.

China and other countries flourished from American Companies that once operated in the United States. Our economy in United States slowing sunk to the bottom--- no jobs, families lost their homes, lifestyles and many became homeless in America.

Finally---after over a decade China and other countries decided they did not want to work so cheaply anymore. So what happened after the rates of hourly wages went from pennies to dollars and even higher pay rates guaranteed by 2015?

And some American companies were being charge an enormous about for utilities---but we did not hear about this---until recently. And the fact many skilled workers had to be gathered from around China and other countries to work in the American factories---therefore this expense was added for transportation and/or room and board.

The Greedy American companies decided to come home to the county they almost collapsed by taking all the jobs overseas. Companies are relocating their businesses back to the United States some are already here and others are to follow. One of the first large companies coming home is General Electric and many others. Statistic shows that less than a 100 companies are reported back and/or on their way.

How many companies will return? At this point I do not have the end results on the information but
there will be updates to follow.

Yes, the United States needs these companies to come back home---and I still say shame on them for putting American through the worse economy we have faced in America. And shame on the members of Congress who benefitted because they owned companies that went overseas or had large blocks of shares in companies that went for the cheap labor.

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