Thursday, February 7, 2013

Globaliation UpDated

Globalization from my research has not done much for the poor people in other countries. However, like in the USA has made the greedy even richer. So, what does that tell you---the wealthy started Globalization and it was the seed of the down fall of many countries. And it needs to be plowed under and start a fresh crop of "Made in America."
The roots of our ancestors are still embedded in America and in our hearts. Not the hearts of the greedy--- but by the sweat and toil of the good people of America---our grandparents and parents.
We still have the pride and the ability to do anything we want in America today. Just start with an idea and get people interested and soon you will have a company. It is a new beginning for many young minds and hearts out there today. The USA will rise again to make our nation prosper once more to shine under God from whom  our country was built.

The USA was hit hard by the very American companies that were made rich in America by the consumers. These companies cost Americans their jobs, homes, and destroyed the American Dream for so many.

Many home owners became homeless and jobless---because their jobs were taken over seas to China, India, and various other countries.
Even banks outsourced jobs to other countries---the American banks that we bailed out with our tax dollars---and this is how we are repaid.

Ever had a problem with your Internet provider? What country helped you solve it? I bet it was India because most of the IT companies went to India or China. Our college grads could not get a job for years in IT.

So, has it helped the poor in other countries---“NO.” So remember---when a government comes up with another idea--- it will always benefit the greedy wealthy. The poor people barely scratch out a living to feed their family. Their life is hard and sad---just as it always has been even in 2013.

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