Saturday, August 11, 2012

As of June 2012 Florida's Unemployment Rate is 8.6%

Florida's Unemployment rate is stated at 8.6% as of June 2012. Raise your hand if you believe this takes in consideration all the people who do not have full time jobs, who have fallen between the cracks because they received their last unemployment check months ago.
Or ones who did not file for unemployment but are still looking for work. Do you believe this takes into account all the ones who are working 2 and 3 part time jobs to just keep their heads above the water?
This like all government statements this has a lot to be desired. Take a survey of people who are walking the streets and ask them if they have full time jobs yet? Now, this is what I say," Show me the people who have found full time jobs in Florida with benefits." As a person who does a lot of research daily---this economy is slowly getting better. And slowly may not be good enough---as we were slapped into the Unemployment lines very fast in Florida. But this state of affairs started in 1980 or even earlier---when our American companies slowing so no one would notice right away---started shipping our job overseas so the greedy companies were get richer quicker with cheap labor. And so began the rape of America's society and our future.

Now the politicians are all promising to get people back to work, and blab--blab---blab. It is a never ending cycle---we are hurt by the very government who now wants to put a band-aid on the economy and unemployment.

Promises, Promises---If Promises were horses that showed good results--- we would all take a ride.

How many of these people running for office today that "Outsourced American Job?" You might be surprised. Do your research and then try and close you mouth.

However, I know there are good people in our government who are trying to make a difference---but are they the minority? I do hope not---but time will tell---.

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